Excellence through experience, Innovation inspired by vision...
Since its founding in 1968, HL-Technik is well known for innovative solutions in building services.

If one examines the economic, ecological, so- cial and cultural changes of our times and the resulting developments, it is clear that the use of existing energy resources must change. Building technologies of the future must be economical and environmentally friendly, while also minimizing the use of fossil fuels.

Through our building service concepts for living and working spaces, we aim for high levels of both comfort and environmental responsibility.
Sustainable building services are those that optimize the use of energy. This includes the passive and active use of wind and solar energy, geothermal energy, rainwater, the application of environmentally sensitive materials, as well as demand reduction of potable water and grey water.
As part of a network of architects, build- ing-owners, civil engineers and planers, HL-Technik Engineering GmbH’s vision is to construct a future with environmentally friendly building services.

Prof. Dr. Ing. e.h. Klaus Daniels discussing design alternatives proposed by architecture students at TU-Darmstadt 2011